Cover of the new magazine Sustainability

Many people want to lead a more sustainable way of life but what can a single person do to contribute? In our new magazine Sustainability, we introduce you to creative and committed people who make our world a more sustainable place - be it at a farm, in the lab, in the supermarket or at an old train station.


Going Abroad Makes a Difference

International experiences greatly benefits the individual, but also society. The change of perspectives broadens ones horizons, helps break down prejudices, and, in the long run, enables successful and responsible behavior in a globalised world. Therefore, every young person in Europe should have the chance to gain international experience.
Der Deutsche Schulpreis 2017

The 2017 German School Award

"Putting wings on learning!" This is the slogan of the German School Award (Der Deutsche Schulpreis) by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Heidehof Stiftung. The award honors educational achievements and helps make them usable to improve the quality of schools all over Germany. The main award ist endowed with 100,000 euros.

"I Am Not a Slave to My Illness"

Around 40 percent of people in Germany are affected by chronic disease – an increasing trend that includes conditions such as asthma, rheumatism, diabetes, and mental illnesses. In most cases, those affected simply cannot carry on as before; they have to make changes in their life. They can find out how to make these changes successful as part of the INSEA self-management program.

Why Is Populism So Popular?

A group of international journalists is hunting for answers surrounding the events of the French election: why is the concept of a united Europe in such peril right now? The first event of the Bosch Alumni Network is proof that different perspectives inform your own opinion – and that the networking of the alumni opens up new possibilities.